OPENING 15/09 -16pm

In the context of the next communal elections, Atelier 34zero Muzeum proudly presents its own "gallery of portraits". At the request of the museum, eight renowned artists bring a contemporary and artistic touch to the classic election campaign. Each artist engages in a dialogue with a candidate chosen from different political parties who has been interested in contemporary art during the last legislature. The result of this particularly fascinating interaction between politics and art can be seen from 15 September in the cultural park of the Atelier 34zero Muzeum.

The 8 participating candidates and artists are:

BERNARD VAN NUFFEL seen by Jimmy Pantera

NATHALIE DE SWAEF seen by Pascal Bernier

JEAN-LOUIS PIROTTIN seen by Patrick Guaffi


STEVE HENDRICK seen by Tom Herck

HERVÉ DOYEN seen by Yannick Léonard

SVEN GATZ seen by Emilio Lopez-Menchero

GEOFFREY LEPERS seen by Jean-Pierre Bredo


At the same time we are organizing the inauguration of the "Jette-sur-Mer" postcard which has been restored. We thank Werner Daem, the ex-alderman of Flemish culture, who sponsored the installation of this card.