14/6 - 28/9/2014

Postvernissage 26/9/2014 - 18h

Ever since its creation in 2003, the editorial line of Michel Husson has, through time, reached milestones in the field of documentary and social photography books.

This summer, Atelier 340 Muzeum pays tribute to the work of this independent publishing house by showing 22 photography series of Michel Hussons important catalog. In this exhibition, everything is in slices: the series of photographs as much as what they depict, the lives and memories of the photographs as much as those of their subjects.


Hélène AMOUZOU (BEN) / Doug BIGGERT (US) / Bernard BOCCARA (BE) / Jean-Marc BODSON (BE) / Alain BREYER (BE) / Sébastien CUVELIER (LU) / Jacques DE BACKER (BE) / Loïc DELVAUX (BE) / Hugues DE WURSTEMBERGER (CH) / Norbert GHISOLAND (BE) / Philippe HERBET (BE) / Steven HOUINS (BE) / Viviane JOAKIM (BE) / Chris KEULEN (NL) / Yvon LAMBERT (LU) / Paolo PELLIZZARI (IT) / Yves PITCHEN (MUS) / Pascal ROUET (CA) / Jean-Manuel SIMOES (FR) / Christophe SMETS (BE) / Hervé SZYDLOWSKI (FR) / Dan ZOLLMANN (BE)




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