22/03 - 26/05 2013

18/10 - 30/11 2013 BWA Katowice (PL)

Since early childhood,  I have been intrigued by how couples resemble each other. While strolling in the streets, eating in restaurants or just observing daily life, I noted their similarities to the point of considering each couple as twins. 



This impression was so strong that when meeting Pierre Radisic - a photographer with both a sense of humour and a keen capacity for observation - I realized that the question I had been pondering had already been the subject of a series of his photographs. It was a great pleasure to have met him and to have had the opportunity to share this issue of duality.  In order to further share the sociological experience of physical similarities, the Atelier 340 Muzeum has invited Pierre Radisic to show a selection of his series, Couples (1982), in the exhibition Figures Doubles.

In parallel, the Atelier 340 Muzeum would like to invite you to discover the film, Heavenly Bodies, produced by Pierre Radisic and Walter Hus at the Brigitinnes in 2005. An interview between the artist and the curator of the exhibition will also be screened in the café culturel where a selection of the artist's entertaining photographs will be exhibited.