For the March edition of the world cuisine, we invite you to discover one of the emblematic dishes of Georgia: the khinkalis. These raviolis were originally the traditional dish of mountain shepherds. There are various versions, but we have chosen to let you try the most popular one, the one filled with meat. The chef will make you taste her juicy khinkalis, filled with beef, lamb, onions and a typical mixture of spices. You will be able to adopt the traditional tasting technique so as not to lose a single drop of the delicious broth contained in this delicacy; make a small hole and drink the juice! A Georgian dessert will also be available on the menu!
We look forward to seeing you on March 5th at Atelier 34zero Muzeum.

We offer you a service from 12:00, all day and evening. The dish is at the unique price of 14€. You can of course drink a small vodka or a beer.

Information and reservation required:
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02 428 33 06