Imagine ArtScience "Creates" 
🗓️ Date: April 11-13
📍 Location: Le Bistro, Ch. de Wemmel 281, Jette
Led by citizens for citizens with the contribution of artists as part of the New European Bauhaus 2024 satellite events.
In the heart of the Jette community, a dynamic event will unfold where a once blank canvas will become a tapestry of local sentiments. Citizens of all ages will be guided on how to create a unique community artwork, each adding a brushstroke, a line of poetry, a bold sketch, or a splash of color. Together, they will weave a visual and literary mosaic that captures the spirit of their collective experiences. This community masterpiece will grow with each contribution, transforming into a unique emblem that embodies the diverse voices, languages, dreams, and aspirations of the participants. It will be not just art, but a conversation in color and text, a living document of the community's pulse.
Join us for this artistic workshop to launch the Imagine ArtScience exhibition in the heart of Jette.